4 Strategies for Asset Managers to Drive Sales and Build Strong Relationships

For asset management firms, developing strong relationships with clients is essential. Clients need to know that their firm understands their priorities, concerns and goals -– and they need to trust the quality of their firm’s research and analysis.

Insightful content which resonates with readers enables firms to showcase their expertise and build trust with existing clients. Content can also play an important role in attracting new clients, engaging intermediaries, developing brand and driving sales.

However, achieving this is not without its difficulties. Research published by PR firm BackBay Communications and the Mutual Fund Education Alliance found that 64% of the asset managers surveyed struggle to develop a content marketing strategy.

In order to use content effectively, asset and wealth managers should:

  • Define your audience. Whether your intended readers are investors or advisers, it’s important to know who your content is aimed at and understand their investment objectives. Content which speaks to one group of people may hold little interest for another.
  • Define your goals. What is the objective for a particular piece of content? From brand building to funnelling readers to read a more in-depth report, know what you want to achieve with every piece of content you produce.
  • Explore different formats and channels. Firms are using everything from thought leadership and white papers to videos across channels as diverse as traditional print to the most cutting-edge social media platforms to get their message across – and some are doing so with considerable success. Consider how different formats and channels can be used to engage readers in a planned and consistent way.
  • Measure success. The desired outcomes should be defined and measured so that firms can gain a clearer understanding of the effectiveness of different approaches.

A well-thought-through content strategy can be a powerful tool in an increasingly competitive landscape. Investors are expecting ever more sophisticated services, while asset managers are facing growing competition from alternative investment models. By producing content which provides information, analysis and guidance in a targeted way, firms can give themselves a clear advantage.


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