Covid and Clients

Adjusting Back To Work In The Office Amid COVID-19 | Challenge


Covid has forced us to connect online with clients, partners and prospects more than we would like.  Do you agree? 

I’m old school.  I was raised on the maxim that you don’t truly make a solid connection until you have met an individual 3 times.  Content Innovo is in a growth phase; we need to reach out to as many prospects as possible.  How do we do that when face to face meeting is effectively banned? 

I don’t have a definitive answer to that question, but what I can report is we’re not the only ones.  We’re all in this together and we’re all stuck without face to face communication more than we would like.  I’m also happy to report that in 2020 there seems to be a general acceptance that we’re all doing our best.



I remember 20 years ago when you would go to someone’s offices to present your idea and how the advent of technology meant you could use PowerPoint to provide amazing visuals.  You would ask the person you were meeting to book a boardroom and give you access to a big screen and the wifi code.  Then you walk into that meeting with your stunning visual presentation on your laptop..  This presentation was not only going to blow their socks off it was going to be the best thing they’d ever seen – but –  if your presentation didn’t load instantly and on command… that was it you were done.  You would instantly lose credibility.  Just doing your best wasn’t acceptable.   

In the new reality, difficulties presenting are the norm.  



In 2020, Content Innovo was lucky to be part of a program called Beyond Boundaries put on by Haltech and part of the Canadian government’s push to empower women entrepreneurs.

Halfway through the program, everything shut down because of Covid and the program shifted to online.  No problem, we all agreed to meet at the appointed hour and click the link to participate.  

The presentation for our first fully online session was hosted by an accountancy firm.  A firm that had a vested interest in sponsoring the program and engaging its participating members in the highest quality format and presenting themselves in the highest quality way. 

But guess what? As bizarre as it sounds, the mac users couldn’t see the shared content when the pc users could and vice versa.  A nightmare situation that went on for 10 mins.  

But here’s the thing, no one left.  Our host, to her credit, taught me a lot in that very moment about being cool under pressure and the fellow participants taught me a lot about accepting that this is not an ideal situation for anyone.  



It’s almost the end of 2020 and we have all experienced #zoomwobbles (a term introduced to us by Scott Payton of Bowen and Craggs).  I’d love to hear about your favorite online meeting mishaps.  Feel free to tag us @contentinnovo and use the #zoomwobbles hashtag — and let’s end 2020 with a laugh.  


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