Intelligence Monitor

Content Innovo partners with you to create unique, targeted niche email newsletters. Our briefs deliver the most recent and relevant industry-related news, making it easy for your clients to stay informed. Content Innovo’s researchers and editors filter seas of information into concise and coherent briefs, delivered directly to your client’s inbox. Hand-picking quality content from major media outlets, social media platforms, blogs and trade publications, we help you to put the whole story at your client’s fingertips.

You’ll work with one of our highly experienced editors on:

  • Maximizing brand/association identity through template design and development
  • Capturing and maintaining readership through quantitative analytics and in-house CRM
  • Ensuring optimal reach through list management

Content Innovo’s newsletter service helps you keep clients and up to date with business-critical information. We keep you visible and engaged with your base, allowing you to demonstrate market-leading knowledge while continuously nurturing client relationships.

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