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Content Innovo is entrenched in the B2B space. Our global footprint and extensive experience working with B2B
companies, financial services, tech and the public sector — and the consultancies and agencies that partner with them — give us intimate knowledge of B2B markets. We elevate your content marketing game, providing a comprehensive suite of resources, from content creation and strategy to the related services that foster great content programs, such as project management, research and analytics and SEO optimization.

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Growing loyalty and trust and delivering bottom-line results are key benefits of sound content marketing. And the most successful B2B marketers are distinguished by their follow-through. These top performers reach farther into the sales funnel and meet their audience at every stage of the customer lifecycle, securing new and lasting relationships to deliver — and maintain — impressive ROI.
But B2B marketers report that creating regular content and measuring ROI are challenging. Whether your team needs help crafting engaging thought leadership, or needs to build a content strategy and marketing plan from the ground up, we can help your business build those deeper bonds based on trust, enabling your organization to become a voice of authority in your space.
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Financial Services

Financial services firms that invest wisely in content marketing increase engagement, brand loyalty and sales. However, the nature and ownership of the customer journey are rapidly evolving, and banks and their fintech partners must continuously demonstrate their relevance and agility to maintain and grow those KPIs. In this ever-changing context, Content Innovo can help you optimize your storytelling for specific and emerging audiences.

Our areas of focus include:

We have a vast network of content creators who have worked for financial services firms and for the businesses trying to reach them, and our client list contains some of the most recognizable names in finance.
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of B2B consumers reviewed a business’s blog before buying


B2B tech and fintech are driven by companies looking to perfect the user experience at a time where establishing brand loyalty from both B2B
and consumer clients is harder than ever. In this competitive sphere, market share is led by whoever can innovate the fastest and forge the strongest connections with their audience throughout the customer journey.

We help both startups and established firms articulate complex ideas and platforms to a wide customer base, elucidating sophisticated tech and fintech concepts with high-quality, authoritative, yet intriguing content, across platform and style. Whether you need a short demo video or investor presentation, or you need complex, primary-research-based thought leadership to cement your position as a category leader, we can help.
Public Sector
The importance of government and public service leadership has never been more clear. Yet public faith is ebbing in the value and probity of both governing and multilateral institutions.

We provide thought leadership and strategy for organizations that must earn the trust and participation of their constituencies. CI helps public sector entities of all sizes to position themselves as thought leaders with proactive, positive content creation, content marketing and strategy, along with comprehensive project management services.

Consultancy/Research & Advisory
In a technology and data-driven world, the need to back every business decision with insightful research has never been greater. Data- and analytics-savvy organizations increase customer retention sixfold, are 19x more likely to be profitable and boost customer acquisition by an eye-popping factor of 23, McKinsey & Company found.
Your greatest asset is knowledge. Content marketing allows you to generate revenue by starting effective conversations that nurture your audience while displaying your capabilities. CI can help augment your intellectual capital with white-labelled thought leadership and design thinking to enhance all aspects of the customer journey.
Marketing/Media Agencies

B2B companies recognize the need for good content marketing, but often struggle to deliver effectively, and they are looking to their marketing and media partners for help. Given the escalating need for content creation to maintain and grow market share, agencies offer the perfect channels to deliver and coordinate those services.

At CI, we’re well positioned to bolster or complement your offerings — with agile thought leadership development and strategy, skilled planning,
white-labelled content services, market research reports and more — to generate new revenue and solidify your relationship with existing clients.